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3241 S. Magnolia Street

Denver, Con 80224

The Maker

I believe in the intrinsic power of nature - that plants and minerals are our ultimate healers. It's my mission to bring personal health, wellness and beauty back to our natural roots, back to a space where we live synergistically and harmoniously with our environment. Common Providence is a manifestation of my desire to live simply and to create mindful skincare products from the most basic gifts of nature.
I also deeply value the need for inclusive and affordable skincare for every body. There's beauty in our diversity and skincare should be representative of both our similarities and our differences. My collection is handcrafted with integrity and purpose, with the intent to reach many different intersections of life. 
This is an art that I'm blessed to practice each and every day. As a small business owner, a mom and believer in incremental and responsible change for the future - I want to sincerely thank you for supporting my conscious craft. 
Portia Owens
Founder | Common Providence
What's the meaning behind our name? Take a look below!
Common Providence a shared belief in the protective and spiritual power of nature